It is important to us to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience with our company, so we have developed our SSA (Store Share Access) client information portal especially with you in mind. This unique feature of Watkins Construction and Roofing makes it easy for you to easily access information on all aspects of roofing installation or repairs you are having completed. With Watkins Construction SSA client portal, you can retrieve details about a current roofing job, look up information for insurance purposes or future roof repairs or even have the roof warranty at your fingertips when selling your home.

Watkins Construction SSA Client Portal

SSA Client Portal

All aspects of a roofing job are covered and reported, including the date of the roof installation or roof repair work, roofing materials used, pictures of the home for identification and images taken during each stage of the roofing process, from start to finish. SSA Store Share Access includes contact information and details on the crew chief and the salesperson for the roofing project, making it easy for you to contact your roofing professionals directly.

Watkins Construction SSA Client Portal: Additional Benefits of SSA

Another way we’ve added convenience for our clients through the client portal is by letting you view and sign important documents for the job to progress, such as the roof financing application, completion certificates and other roof-related documents. You can also upload documents to the portal to save additional time.

There’s no need to worry about losing this important information. Whether your roofing project was just completed or was done years ago, any job that has been performed since the inception of the Watkins Construction SSA client portal will be stored in our database, so you can access it any time.

Whether you want to know how many shingles are on your roof, the name of the crew chief who worked on your roof, or you need to print out copies of documents you signed years ago, it will all be there. The client portal is easy to find; it’s in the navigation bar on Watkins Construction and Roofing website.

To make an appointment, please fill out our “request a quote” form, and we’ll respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. Or call us to schedule a visit from a qualified roofer to inspect your roof. We’ll answer any questions and discuss with you how our process works, what to expect from us at various stages, and how we can work with your insurance company if applicable. We appreciate your consideration and are excited to work with you.

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